Better Bus Stops Petition

Do you want a shady place to sit while you wait for the bus?

Unfortunately, outdated NOLA rules make it really hard for the RTA to put up new bus stop shelters and benches.

But the City Council has it within their power to change this – please sign this petition and tell them to change the bus shelter and bench approval process to make it easier to give bus riders a shady place to sit!

What needs to be changed?

  • Every new RTA shelter or bench must get approval of a “conditional use permit” from the City Planning Commission.
  • This is the same process that a homeowner might go through for a major renovation on their house.
  • It’s complicated and takes a lot of RTA staff time.
  • Worst of all it costs $1200 in application fees for every stop.
  • This adds significant burden on to the RTA and makes it extremely difficult to get more than a few new bus shelters and benches installed for riders.

The City Council can change this:

  • Create a streamlined process that makes it easier to install much needed shelters and benches at stops.
  • Pre-approve shelter and bench designs that don’t require an expensive or time-consuming process.
  • Ensure designs can vary depending on the neighborhoods to make sure we’re being sensitive to historic context and keep gaudy advertisements out of quiet residential neighborhoods.

The City needs to act now! Many of our bus stops areas are in deplorable condition already and with long waits between buses on many lines, transit riders deserve and need a safe and comfortable place to wait for the bus!

As a transit rider and New Orleans resident, I ask City officials to change the “conditional use permit” approval process and pre-approve bus shelter and bench designs in designated areas to provide safe and comfortable waiting areas for all transit riders.

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