Ride New Orleans

Take the pledge for quality transit today!

As a New Orleanian, I know that our buses, streetcars and ferries provide a vital link for New Orleans’ families to reach school, work, doctors, parades, shopping destinations, and more.

High quality transit for New Orleans will bolster our economy, promote better health and halt the dangers to our changing climate.

Eleven years after Katrina, our transit service is still down by nearly 50%, making it hard for New Orleans families to thrive.

Public officials who share our concerns will prioritize investments in quality transit for New Orleans.

With my fellow New Orleanians, I pledge to:

  1. Be a voice. I will use my voice to inform and influence public officials to support equitable, financially sustainable, environmentally responsible, quality transit.
  2. Protect and expand transit funding. I will support new and creative sources of revenue to make high quality transit a reality in New Orleans.
  3. Shape our transit future. I will call for quality at the forefront of the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority’s upcoming development of a 10-year Strategic Transit Plan.

Will you sign?