Volunteer to help us gather data about ferry ridership

April 09, 2013 at 6am
Canal & Algiers Ferry Terminals
Adelaide Abele · · 5045345298

Please RSVP and choose one or more 3 hour shifts that best fits your schedule.

Our goal is to have 2-4 volunteers for each shift. 


We'll have a table set up on both sides of the river. As riders are waiting for the ferry and boarding, a volunteer will hand them clipboards & pens loaded with the survey, and when those riders arrive on the other side, they will hand the completed survey off to the second volunteer (and vice versa). 


If your schedule doesn't fit within our designated shifts, please RSVP without selecting a shift, and we'll be in touch to find the best time for you. 

NOTE: If you don't work a 9-5, and/or you're an early bird, the ferries really need you on Tuesday! The shifts after 6PM are almost full! A lot of regular ferry riders utilize the ferry to get to and from work at odd hours, and it is vital for us to get surveys from those folks, too. 


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Yes, I will help collect surveys!

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