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Transit Roundtables with RIDE New Orleans

Your voice SHOULD be heard!

RIDE is looking to speak with students who rely heavily on transit to participate in our Transit Roundtable!

We know that too often your demographic is not given the chance to have meaningful input around things that directly effect your life.

As a transit rider, you should be able to advocate for your interests in transit improvements.


RIDE needs a diverse group of students, to use their voices in a regional transportation discussion that could change the current system as we know it!

You'll have the opportunity to learn about New Links, a regional transit network redesign that could dramatically overhaul our current network. 

Share your experiences with our current transit system and participate in activities that will directly impact New Links!

Join us Monday, July 8th from 9:30 to 11:00 am on the

SUNO Southern University at New Orleans Lake Campus 6801 Press Drive College of Business Building - Room 100

New Orleans, LA 70126

In attendance will be decision makers from the Regional Planning Commission who will use your input in their reimagining of our transit system (New Links).


**All potential participants must RSVP! RIDE will contact you with details and a short 5 minutes survey prior to the event!**

We on the RIDE New Orleans team look forward to connecting with you! For further information please reach out to our Organizer and Storyteller Courtney Jackson at courtney@rideneworleans.org