Keep the #88 St. Claude Going to Canal


The 88 St. Claude/Jackson Barracks Bus currently travels 4.8 miles from the Lower Ninth Ward to Canal Street. Bus riders should not be required to transfer to the Rampart/St. Claude Streetcar for the last 1.4 miles, interrupting and delaying their commute.

Therefore, we, the undersigned riders, residents, and business owners ask the City of New Orleans and the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) to ensure:

  • The #88 St. Claude/Jackson Barracks bus line continue to take riders to at least Canal Street after the new Rampart/St Claude streetcar opens
  • More buses continue to be added to the #88 and other bus lines along the corridor, increasing frequency during the day as well as late night and weekends
  • Strong community consensus, generated from extensive community engagement and participation, around any future expansion of the Rampart-St. Claude streetcar
  • A community-driven, long-term planning process to make sure our public transportation better connects residents to jobs, school, and other opportunities throughout the region now and in the future¬†¬†
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