Survey Ferry Riders

We are launching a quick-hit campaign to save the ferries, and the first step is to gather information about who is riding the ferry day-in and day-out. Where do they board? Do they take other forms of public transportation? In what industry do they work? The information from this survey will provide us with a vital human story to tell our decision-makers, and we need your help to gather the data!

We are seeking volunteers to ride the ferry in 3 hour shifts, hand out surveys, and collect them once completed on Saturday, April 6th and Tuesday, April 9th between the hours of 6AM and midnight. We'll have swag and snacks: it will be awesome!  

Click here to volunteer for Saturday, April 6th

Click here to volunteer for Tuesday, April 9th  

Once you sign up for your volunteer shift, we will be in touch with you to provide further details. Please direct any immediate questions to Adelaide at or 504-534-5298

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