Why the Ferries Matter

bike rider and ferries

Ferries provide a critical public transit service

The Mississippi River is what defines our region, economy and landscape.  It also poses a significant barrier between our east and west bank neighborhoods.  The Crescent City Connection twin span bridge provides cross-river access for vehicles but no accommodations for pedestrians or cyclists.

Fortunately, the ferries have been able to fill that that gap.  The Algiers Point ferry serves 1.1 million pedestrian passengers and 175,000 vehicle passengers per year providing early morning and late evening service.  The Gretna ferry also provides a critical service; however, ridership is less readily available due to infrequent service operations in recent years.





Without the ferries, riders will have to fend for themselves.

While the RTA does provide bus service across the river, connecting from the Algiers Point ferry terminal to the Canal Street ferry terminal requires riders to transfer between two buses and a streetcar – but only until 9pm – making for a long and difficult trip.  Making the trip from the Gretna ferry terminal to the Canal Street ferry terminal is not possible with the current bus service offered by JeT.

With more affordable housing options available on the west bank and job opportunities clustered on the east bank in the CBD and French Quarter, ensuring continued ferry service is critical.


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