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The New Orleans airport may be shiny and brand new, but transit riders are still getting the same old shabby treatment, with an inconvenient stop location, no cover from the elements, and no help to get transit vehicles around traffic backups.

Sign our petition below to push for a better deal for transit riders!

And if you have just a few more minutes, please call or email the offices of Mayor LaToya Cantrell and Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer (chair of the City Council's Transportation and Airport Committee) to let them know you support their efforts to get a better deal for transit riders!

When you call/email, we suggest highlighting the following:

  • Riders need a better place to load and unload from the bus. The area the airport picked is exposed to the elements, hard to reach, and far away from other ground transportation options.
  • Much better would be on the lower level, where the hotel shuttles currently pick up. This would allow for a comfortable shaded area for riders to wait and would be easy to access for both airport workers and returning travelers. Even better, it has much more space to allow for multiple buses at one time as the RTA and JeT increase frequencies and routes in the years to come.
  • The airport needs to give RTA and JeT buses access to the rental car shuttle bus entrance off of Bainbridge. That could save transit riders significant time. Transit riders deserve the same dedicated lanes and quick reliable service that rental car customers receive!

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