Don't let RTA planning go off-track


We don’t play favorites when it comes to bus or streetcar.

We simply want what’s going to get New Orleans transit riders where they need to go quickly and comfortably.

But because of that, we’re very concerned that the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is studying a streetcar extension on two small sections of St. Claude and Elysian Fields. We believe this is a short-sighted way to use limited planning dollars. And we worry that continuing to move forward could harm forward progress on important improvements needed for bus and streetcar lines city-wide.

For more information, you can see this summary of our analysis. If you'd like to see better planning that delivers real results for transit riders, please sign our petition! 

Petition text

We, the undersigned, ask for a halt to the St. Claude streetcar extension study until the RTA further develops comprehensive plans to improve transit service throughout New Orleans. 

Any new studies for transit investments must be guided by the RTA strategic mobility plan, which prioritizes getting people where they need to go in less time.

With limited funds available for improvements, transit riders can't afford small-scale solutions that won't increase access to jobs and other critical destinations.  

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