Tell the Convention Center: Hotel/motel sales tax revenue belongs with riders!

The Convention Center has voted to sue the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) to force them to turn over sales tax revenue. But that revenue should rightfully be going to provide more bus service for transit riders.

Will you sign our petition telling the Convention Center that transit sales tax money belongs with transit riders?

More funding means more service. That's why RIDE supports the RTA board's push to make sure hotel/motel sales tax revenue goes where it should be - to support better transit service for riders. Hospitality and tourism workers need better, more reliable service to get to the jobs that keep our town’s major industry going.

Last month we got word that the Convention Center had stopped talking to the RTA about a path forward and instead filed a lawsuit against them, demanding the RTA turn over money that would otherwise go to improving bus service.

Enough is enough – the Convention Center needs to understand that they are pushing back against the will of transit riders and a majority of the residents of our city.

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